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The travel and tourism industry is one that is ever-changing as there are always new attractions popping up all around the world, inciting more excitement in people, drawing them to travel to various parts of the world just to visit said attractions. Thus, when planning a trip of this sort, it is good to plan ahead, making a possible itinerary for your movements; this is where a customer review comes into play. Furthermore, when visiting different countries for their attractions, it is good to read reviews as they can assist you in planning and knowing what to take along to certain attractions.

About Tiqets

Tiqets was founded in 2014 in Amsterdam when four Dutch entrepreneurs decided to make the process of visiting various cultural and leisure attractions in Amsterdam much easier than it was at the time. About two years after its release, the Tiqets app was released, and it was now accessible to people in the US. However, with its release in Amsterdam, Tiqets was operating as a white label service. Still, as they expanded their reach and improved their services, they developed a platform for museums and various other attractions to sell tickets directly on the Tiqets app and website, granting them even more success in their respective field. Furthermore, the main goal of Tiqets is to provide easily accessible tickets to museums and various attractions all around the world.

Products and Services of Tiqets

Tiqets acts as a service provider to the public by offering instant tickets to the most popular cultural and leisure attractions, from visiting the LouvreMuseum in Paris to the Statue of Liberty in New York; with Tiqets, the possibilities are endless, and you are able to skip the long ques and plan your trip down to the tee. In addition, with the Tiqets platform, you are able to browse the most popular amenities in your surroundings or in another country, purchase tickets and keep them safe on your phone until the time comes for you to make use of them; this is just one of the things that makes Tiqets such a popular platform.

Additional Services provided by Tiqets

In addition to providing cultural enthusiasts with tickets at the click of a button, Tiqets also provides its users with an immersive map feature so that they are able to check the attractions and museums within their surroundings, with GPS navigation if it is required. Additionally, Tiqets provides its users with a blog platform in which they can see the most popular destinations, where to go, and what the best things in various destinations are for them. Furthermore, Tiqets has made it possible for its users to use multiple payment methods such as PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, among others. However, if the need arises to make contact with the Tiqets team, you are able to make use of the following details.

Email: press@tiqets.com

Phone: +31 (0) 639 048 572

Social Media: @Tiqets

Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for Tiqets

Have you recently purchased a ticket to a museum or attraction? Are you unable to use it? Are you struggling with payment? This is why customer reviews are important as they detail previous users' experiences, providing you and the company with important feedback. Said feedback enables the company to improve their service and customers to determine whether or not they now want to utilise the service at hand. Thus, why not leave a review and detail your experience to add your valuable insight for new prospects?


James Wattstraat 77-P

1097 DL Amsterdam

📧 customerservice@tiqets.com

☎ +31 85 888 4442

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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