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Customer reviews are becoming a reliable authority for both prospective customers and companies interested in getting feedback on their products and services. This is why our platform incorporates several restrictions on posting reviews to protect the integrity and objectivity of the information obtained from the customers. We carry this out to avoid any form of abuse, and to promote openness.

We at Collected.Reviews take the matter of privacy very seriously, particularly with much consideration given to the new ePrivacy and GDPR policies. Our objective is to provide customers with a credible and independent platform where they can anonymously rate and review products and services received by several companies. As a customer, your personal information is guaranteed to be kept hidden from third parties unless expressly permitted by the author of the review. We will send a request to the author of the evaluation for confirmation before releasing information to any entity. We aim to offer prospective customers with a perspective of the company that is as unbiased and impersonal as possible, which comes from a trusted source. This is why we at Collected.Reviews prioritize credibility, fairness, and safety to a fault. We only collate reviews from confirmed previous customers of said companies and businesses. We make the necessary distinction between false claims and honest reviews through dedicated effort.

The reviews on the Collected.Reviews platform and the responses they get there, are without exception representations of their author’s opinion and should never be mistaken for our review of the company. Collected.Reviews is not responsible for any inaccurate or ambiguous content in posted reviews or responses to surveys. When necessary, we make sure to exclude personal names and inappropriate language from reviews and their answers. The main reason why we do this is to ensure that our website maintains its vision of safety, honesty, and objectivity.

We encourage previous customers of companies to provide their reviews with consistent accuracy, especially in the event of negative reviews. This is particularly important because we do check for the authenticity of your description of your experience. Your discussions as a customer should be centered on the relatable parts of your experience, to correctly inform people who are looking for original opinions about the company. When it is required, we reach out to the review writer for necessary clarifications. We could request for the author of the report to back their claims with such as an invoice or proof of conversations via email. Our website is scrutinized with great effort to avoid cases of people posting dishonest reviews. We ask reviews writers on our platform to narrate their experience with as much concrete detail as is available. We credit well-detailed reviews with a stable chance of staying published even in the face of complaints from reviewed companies, as they tend to possess more validity. We may decide to contact you via email if you leave a negative review on our platform. We do not accept multiple reviews submitted in large amounts, all from the same IP address. If a number of the studies have been written about a company without adequate information provided on the experience, we will remove these reviews from our website. We have zero-tolerance for advertisements, threats, or call-to-action, and we ensure that the domain names (URLs) and personal information involved will be censored form our platform. For companies On Collected.Reviews, we withhold the rights to remove a review or leave it published, and we do not lend such rights to companies with business pages on our platform. Just because you have a business page on our website doesn’t mean that you can remove a review on a service or product that you provide. Before removing a review, we will always follow due process and ensure that both parties (customer and company) have confirmed that the outstanding issue has been handled appropriately. After which the negative review will be watermarked “Resolved” on our website. We will then exclude the rating from your overall grade. At Collected.Reviews, we also make sure to indicate to prospective customers that your company has helped resolve customer-related concerns.

Cookie Policy
Our website makes use of cookies. Cookies are small files that are delivered alongside pages from this website to be stored by your internet browser on your device’s storage. Upon your consecutive returns to the site, this simple information can be transmitted back to our servers.

What we use Permanent Cookies for
We can recognize you upon subsequent returns to our website by making use of a permanent cookie. This helps users adjust the platform to suit their preferences. We also employ the use of a cookie to remember when you permit the placement of cookies. This enables you to save time on your visits to the website as you don’t have to indicate your preferences repeatedly. You can remove permanent cookies from your device storage through your browser’s settings.

Google Analytics
US technology company Google places a cookie via our website instead of their “Analytics” services. We make use of this service to monitor how people visit our sites and reports on it. Google may offer this information to third parties if they are legally required to do so, as long as Google bears responsibility for how third parties use the information. We have restricted Google from using this analytics information gotten for other Google services. This information that is received by Google is made optimally anonymous, and we ensure that your IP address is excluded from this information. Google reserves this collated data on its servers in the United States. The Privacy Shield principles Google’s use of the information in line with their affiliation with the Privacy Shield program of the US Department of Commerce. This means that there is an agreed-upon level of scrutiny that is expected for the company’s processes that involve analyzing personal information. You always retain the authority to delete all your data from our system. Rest assured that we will take care of that once you have submitted a request.

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