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    Energy has aptly been described as the capacity to do work. Far from what this popular definition suggests, energy is also the capacity to play. Whether it is for work or play, there is no escaping from paying your energy bills. Energy companies exist to meet the energy demand of individuals and businesses for monetary consideration. While it is natural to expect affordable and quality services from energy companies, the questions are what companies are offering the cheapest energy deals? Which companies provide the best energy plans? How do you know the energy companies with excellent track records? The answers to these valid questions can only be found by reading trusted independent reviews by real customers from this section of the website. Energy companies are broadly categorised into two, vis-a-viz renewable and non-renewable energy companies. Renewable energy companies supply green energy from hydropower, wind and solar. These companies supply energy through solar panels and wind turbines, etc.; Non-renewable energy companies supply energy from burning fossil fuels to generate gas and electricity for domestic and industrial use. We contend that customers do not have to pay an arm and a leg for energy consumption. Our firm belief that everyone should have access to cheap and quality energy has led us to create this section on our website. Here, you will find independent customers review on several energy companies operating in our ecosphere. The goal is to assist customers in getting the best bargain, provide an avenue for price comparison and reliable information on fixed or variable rates from energy companies in the industry.

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