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In a physical market, customers can easily look at the products, have an interaction with the sellers, and even test the product or service before they finally decide to purchase. As the internet slowly introduced the luxury of e-commerce, the ability of customers to be able to vet products, service and even companies before they are patronised also began to slowly disappear.

Today, the world is more reliant on e-commerce than ever. People enjoy the luxury of interacting with companies and buying from the comfort of their homes. But in this new marketing environment, customers need to be sure that they will be getting value for their money and fitting customer service. Lots of us have experienced negative company interactions. It may have been a bad product or service, terrible customer service, or worse. On the flip side, this does not mean that we haven’t experienced excellent customer service from companies that deliver quality products and services that are worth the price. In an economic eco-system like this, there is a need for customers to share their experiences so that other people can learn from them and inform their next buying decision.

This is why we created Collected.Reviews. Collected.Reviews an online platform where customers can review products, services, and the companies providing them by venting or praising them. Opinions are essential when reviewing looking for a new product or service. The reason being that there are so many other options. For every company that claims to have the best product or service in their respective niches, there are a bazillion other companies that claim to do the same. To get customers, a considerable chunk of these companies sells their products at lower prices in the name of discounts and special sales offers. Finding the cheapest option is not difficult. But the fact that a product is affordable doesn’t always mean that it is what you should go for. The interaction between a buyer and a seller is just like a contract. Do this for me, I will do that for. When the deal almost looks too good to be true, you have to read the fine print.

With e-commerce transactions, people are too much in a hurry to get what they want that they do not seem to care or bother about looking through the loopholes that may exist. This is why customers get to pay extra for a product they pay for in instalments. Or why they get shocked when they realise the ‘free delivery’ for an electrical product does come with ‘free installation’. To prevent this from happening to you, we have provided a collection of customer reviews. Collected.Reviewsis an international platform with several websites in so many countries. On the site, you will find honest customer reviews on different companies from different categories. It is a safe space where customers can leave honest and independent reviews and can vent their frustrations or praise a company’s efforts.

We are trying to create a database of reviews for every company in the United Kingdom, regardless of what industry they belong to. To achieve this, we need to form a partnership. We need you to drop reviews on our experiences with the companies available on this website. Writing a review may not help you when you have a terrible dispute with a service provider. But it will help inform another person’s buying decision. Plus, there is the added benefit of being able to ‘get back’ at their terrible customer service. Collected.Reviews also loves to shine the light on companies that offer great products, services and customer relations. In this case, writing a review will help other visitors make the right decision when they want to purchase a product or a service. The perks of this website are not only limited to customers. Collected.Reviews makes sure that companies also get a piece of the cake. We are a channel of interaction between companies and consumers. Companies can monitor the level of their public trust using our website. They can find out which products aren’t working for the market, what updates they can make to serve their customers better. Companies can also monitor the reviews of the competition using the data provided by us and figure out how to tweak their competitors’ shortcomings to their favour. They can also plan advertisement and marketing strategies like rollout plans using the data made available on the site.

The buyer-seller dynamic changed with the introduction and growth of e-commerce. Every day, thousands of business integrate their offline services to accommodate online marketing and e-commerce. The result is so many businesses doing the same thing and providing the same service. Competition is fierce for the buyer, and those with the best products might get lost in the saturated market. The consumer also has his dilemma, which product or service should they go for. Collected.Reviews was created to help solve this dilemma in both scenarios. We are an integrity-driven online website that gathers honest reviews from customers that have had experiences with various brands from several industries. We aim to help positively influence the buying decision of their product with the reviews on our website. This will help people find products that are worth the risk and price. Companies can use our website to see the level of trust that their consumers have in them and how their products are fairing in the market. The Collected.Reviews platform helps both consumers and companies flourish by being a seamless channel of communication for both parties. Honest and Reliability are our watchwords. This is why all the reviews on our sites are independent. This way, you can be sure you will be making your decisions based on actual interactions. Here is a list of all the industries you can find on the website:






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