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    Putting some companies in a clear-cut category may be difficult. This is either because their services cut across several broad sectors or simply for other apparent reasons; they are best categorized as general companies. As you might have guessed, this category provides a detailed review of companies that are difficult to categorise to the online shop, car services, finance, diet, food, and drinks category. What matters is not the category a company belongs to, but how best they offer the services they purport to provide. The philosophy behind this section is to encourage customers to “look before they leap” Losing your hard-earned money for shitty services is worse than losing your money. It is akin to casting your money into the fire. This is the more reason you have to leave no stone unturned and concentrate on reading independent reviews about our featured general companies.

    This section is continuously updated to keep you abreast of new entrants into the corporate world, their strengths, and their weaknesses. Sit back and relax as you read reviews of some of the big wigs in the general category. This is not to suggest that there is a bias against upcoming businesses in this category. As you shall see, there will be customers reviews of the underdogs in this category. Feel free to contribute your quota by adding a review of any of the companies you have transacted with, and that is featured in this category. Your review will help other prospective customers to make the right decision by choosing the best company to cast their net with.

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