How to pick the best electric company in the UK?

How to pick the best electric company in the UK?

19-03-2021 in Energy

Finding the best electric company can be difficult, especially when you have a variety of options available. If you take a look around, you will find many electric companies offering different services and features to their users, which might seem attractive, but are they perfect for you? If we talk about the energy service companies in the UK, you will have to keep some essential things in mind before choosing any company. You might find different rates in the cities like London, and cheaper rates in the cities like Leeds. So if you don’t take the price into your consideration, you might have to pay a good amount of money every month for no good.

Four things to check before choosing an electric company in the UK!

Here are the four things you must check before choosing an electric company in the UK. Do not forget to read them thoroughly to understand better how things work.

Environmental Friendly Production

One of the most vital and critical things to check for when choosing an electric company is whether the company is offering renewable energy or not. If you care about nature and the environment, you will go for the electricity providers that use renewable energy. Most of the big and famous cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester now only use eco-friendly energies so that the environment would not have a harmful effect. Not only that, but as of 2020, UK has got 40% of its energy produced by renewable energy, which is pretty good considering the hurdles and problems. But still, you can easily find the electric companies that use the same old method of production of electricity. In the end, it only actually depends on you which type of company you go with.

Actual Service

If you don’t want yourself to keep calling the helpline to get your issues fixed, then you will have to check the history of your preferred electricity provider. The most common problems that the users face with different electric companies are the fluctuation in the voltages and load shedding. But these types of problems are rarely found in the cities like Liverpool, Edinburgh, and London because of their premium infrastructure and massively packed commercial businesses.


Private companies can fix different rates as per the market situation, and that is where you need to be careful. You can find cheaper rates in small cities of the UK like Oxford, but it is only due to the demand. The case is reversed for the big cities like London as you might end up paying double of the amount there. That is why it is better to check what other companies are charging and compare their plans. You can also take a brief look at the companies like Best Heating that do not go with the renewable energy production method for the heating services and see how much they are charging. It is also a great idea to check reviews about Best Heating and determine if their customers are satisfied or not. Only then will you really and actually be able to compare the prices of different energy companies in the UK using different types of methods.


It only depends on you to choose a plan as per your preferences. You can either go for a longer-termplan or the short plans of a single month. Some electric companies also offer the option to their users to go for the fixed-rate plans or variable plans where the rates can be changed anytime. Usually, users have to sign a long-term contract in order to go for the fixed-rate plans to keep receiving the electricity at the same rate. If you have already opted for an electric provider and have found better rates anywhere else, you can also change it for the longer-term benefit. In this case, you can check reviews about Energy Helpline as they offer the feasible service to switch the energy providers within days. You will not have to go with lengthy processes to get your energy provider changed with the help of them.


You might have to spend some of your time at first checking different things about the electric companies, but it will all be worth it in the end. It will save you from a lot of hassles, and yes, you will also be able to save your money because of it.

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