Guide to buying an electric heated floor mat

Guide to buying an electric heated floor mat

06-05-2022 in Online Shop

Being an ideal solution to providing heat to your cold floor, it is efficient, effective, and requires a little bit of technical knowledge to install. The Electric heating floor system is a series of floor mat joined through the connected wires to give radiant heat to the floor electrically. Electric underfloor heating systems are becoming more common in both residential development and upgrading old subfloors. Continue reading if you've concluded that underfloor heating is the best option for you and that a power system is the way to go.

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Types of electric heating floor mats

There are three types of electric heating floor mats to provide you with a variety of options when selecting a warming floor mat.

  • Loose wire underfloor heating system
  • Aluminium floor heating system
  • The sticky heating mat system

For continuous and consistent heating, electric heating floor mats should be installed correctly. You don’t have to worry about the tools and accessories required for the installation, it is the responsibility of the company.

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How does the heating system work?

Heating mats are used in conjunction with a radiant floor heating system to give heat in an ambiguous way, similar to how air warms up. It absorbs heat from the floor and distributes it. It can also assist in absorbing all energy from nearby objects, allowing the entire space or structure to adapt to the desired temperature level. Floor mats are heated through electromagnetic waves induction and transferring radiation.

Floors compatible with heating floor mats

For effective heating, check out the floors compatible with it. Heat transferring is different for different floors.

Tile flooring

The thermostat should be set a little lower to get effective results. Ceramic and porcelain tile flooring require different temperatures and voltage passes. Consider Vinterior - a leading floor mat selling store, for shopping for the best tile flooring.

Wood flooring

Due to heat exposure, planks shrinking is a major problem. Wood flooring effectively absorbs and maintains heat, making the entire floor agreeable to feel, but certain parts may be warmer than others.

It is recommended to use floor protection mats to add a defence layer to the floor. We can find heated mats for bathrooms, and heated mats for floors separately without installing electric heating mats.

How to select a proper heating mat?

When purchasing a heating floor mat, there are different factors to consider.

1. Voltage selection

is important because the voltage supplied between the resistors varies, the resistance must also vary to keep the power constant.
2. The rate at which the floor temperature rises is determined by the wire's power. Here, cable power selection is necessary to avoid any temperature problems.
3. There are two types of cables; single-cable conductor and double-cable conductor. Connection type makes a difference.
4. In addition to insulating capabilities, heating cable insulation materials must be heat and water-resistant.

The electric heating floor is the economically best method for flooring. You can also install these through DIY methods.

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