Quick guide to using a Floor protection mat

Quick guide to using a Floor protection mat

04-05-2022 in Online Shop

Be it industrial places, residential homes, or a restaurant, floor protection mats are becoming an everyday part of our floors. These places vary in terms of layout, design, and decor because of which, floor mats are available in a variety. Choosing cheaper mats for your place may seem like a good idea at first, but they frequently wear out soon and wind up costing you more dollars in refills.

The rug seller’s mats are made to withstand the toughest situations and will outlive cheap knockoffs, saving you money in the future. Looking for the right floor protection mat can be daunting but this small guide for industrial, residential, and small food shops will make your decision-making time easier. Moreover, read the Mirfat reviews if the rug seller doesn’t fit you.

Industrial floor protection mats

Floor protection mats for industrial purposes are essential and should be the first thought of an owner. Industries differ according to their work and objectives. Industrial floor mats are meant to boost productivity levels, keep people safe from health concerns, as well as provide a low-maintenance, long-lasting floor covering in a variety of settings.

Restaurant’s floor protection mats

The decor, designs, cooking methods, and ideas of restaurants may all be quite different. On the other hand, when it comes to the different areas or domains of the restaurant, such as the entry hall, kitchen, eating area, cleaning zone, and reception or backside area, all restaurants have the same fundamental structure. Following are the mats for the restaurant;

Outside entrance:

Mats that defend against temperatures, debris, and shoe dirt should be placed in this area.

Indoor entrance:

High/low rib design mats with the aesthetic appeal should be considered here.

Behind the bar:

Behind the bar, sections have commonly anti-fatigue mats as workers have to stand for long hours. Moreover, they are long and lightweight.

Order/water station:

For water stations, anti-fatigue, grease-resistant, and anti-slip mats are fine.

In the kitchen:

Kitchen floor mats that provide grease maintenance are good for the kitchen area. Red mats are an ideal option for this.

Food prep/Dishwash:

A mat with anti-slip and anti-fatigue qualities should be placed in this area because workers have to stand there for long periods.

Walk-in freezer:

For walk-in freezer areas, rubber floor mats are the best choice.

Backdoor area:

All-purpose floor mats can be placed in the backdoor area. It must be slip-resistant.

Residential home floor protection mats

Just like restaurants, everyone’s home differs in layout, decor, and design. Mats with anti-fatigue properties, slip-resistant qualities, moisture management, and traction abilities are ideal for residential home floor protection. Following are the areas and mats mentioned below;

Outside entrance:

Mats that defend against temperatures, debris, and shoe dirt should be placed in this area.

Indoor entrance:

Indoor entrance mats should be debris trapping.


Anti-fatigue mats are ideal for the kitchen.


Hallway mats should be customized and match the home decor to give aesthetic touch.

Study room:

The floor protection mat for the chair should be hard and slip-resistant.

Laundry room:

Standing for hours on the floor, soft and cushioned mats are ideal.


Because decks and patios are frequently exposed to the weather, mats designed for outdoor use are essential i.e. anti-grease, anti-moisture, and slip-resistant.

Outdoor cooking and grilling:

BBQ floor protection mats should be anti-fatigue and anti-grease.

Hot tub:

For the hot tub, flooring is required for which wooden(expensive) and foam(inexpensive) options are available.


Gardening involves grass and green works. That’s why mats with ergonomic properties, slip-resistant abilities, and anti-fatigue qualities should be placed in the garden.

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