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Honest Mobile

Cell phones, Wi-Fi-enabled hand-held devices, and wireless laptops are examples of mobile communication technology. They can connect via Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. Before purchasing and signing a provider carrier contract, consumers envisage the benefits of these products.

In the event of an emergency, a mobile communication device can be useful. The cellular phone can be used to contact emergency authorities if necessary. Communications devices with built-in digital phones can be used to document events at the site of an accident to aid in determining fault and assessing the damage. Hikers can bring mobile communication devices with them and utilize the GPS tracking system to navigate.

A mobile device will be useless without a network. A mobile user must join a network before making or receiving calls. Are you looking for a network to join? You may try Honest Mobile. Read unbiased Honest Mobile reviews here, before patronizing the firm.

About Honest Mobile

Honest Mobile is a company that claims to build a network for people and the planet. The company was established by Andy and Josh, and these founders believe that the mobile industry is broken. They believe that this industry has spent decades trying customers' into complex contracts, overcharging them for being a loyal customer, and putting them on hold.

Andy and Josh thought that there had to be a better way, one that was good for both the customer and the environment. And that is why Honest Mobile was created. Honest Mobile alleges that it won't let subscriber pay for a plan they don't need, so the company will send them a notification if the company believe the customers should switch to a cheaper plan. This company is active on social media. Customers can follow Honest Mobile’s social media activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Products and services offered by Honest Mobile

Customers willing to use Honest Mobile must first join the network. To join Honest Mobile, they can first order their SIM on the Honest Mobile website. When the SIM arrives, they would need to download the Honest Mobile app, confirm which plan they want, and activate their SIM. They can then use the app to transfer their number – if they want to.

Honest Mobile offers different plans - unlimited, 10 Gb/month, 4Gb/month. They also avow that a subscriber can turn their phone carbon negative and reduce their footprint. Apart from that, all plans enable free EU roaming. They also boast that their plans are flexible, which allows the subscriber to change plans anytime, on the company’s 30-day and 12-month plans.

Honest Mobile claims to have 99.8% coverage because their 4G network covers 99.8% of the UK outdoor population. They also boast that subscribers can enjoy unlimited tethering to any device and that subscribers can chat to a real human whenever they need a hand.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Honest Mobile

If you are using the Honest Mobile network, let us know your experience with the company. Is the network strong enough? Do you experience poor service? Does the company offer fast internet service? Does the company charge too much for calls? Does the company have friendly and professional customer service? Would you allow your friends to join Honest Mobile? We look forward to all customer reviews, as your feedback can enable the firm to do better.

Reviews, complaints & experiences

Read independent reviews, consumer experiences, feedback and complaints right here! Get to know the best online shops and service providers from the impressions they with people. Customers now get to decide which brands are worthy and which are not!

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