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Smoking came to symbolize something bad and with it came the negative social prejudices. Now smoking is banned almost everywhere, preventing smokers from smoking in their offices, pubs, restaurants, or while watching our favourite team play. With the invention of electronic cigarettes, everything changed. We all know cigarettes are an expensive habit! And with the price going up every year, finding a more affordable and realistic alternative would be an amazing help to your bank account. E-cigarettes are great alternatives to regular smoking. An e-cigarette is an electronic device that simulates real tobacco smoking. It is made up of an atomizer, a power source, such as a battery, and a container. The act of using an e-cigarette is generally known as vaping. Reports have shown that e-cigarettes are cheaper alternatives and are about 95 per cent harmful than traditional cigarettes. SMOKO is an online store that sells various e-cigarette kits. We advise you to read independent customer reviews of SMOKO here to know if their products and services would align with your needs.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, United Kingdom, SMOKO is an online brand that sells several e-cigarettes and vaping kits. They claim to provide clients with an alternative that continues to give them the things that they love about smoking – the sensation, the taste, the nicotine kick, and the social experience ─ but remove all of the things they don’t need that are in tobacco cigarettes ─ the 4,000+ added chemicals and 50 known carcinogens, the tar, the carbon monoxide, the arsenic, etc. SMOKO avows to be helping thousands of people lead smoke-free lives with customers in over 25 countries around the world: from the UK to Ukraine, from Australia to America, from Ireland to Iraq, from Norway to New Zealand.

Products and services of SMOKO
SMOKO offers a selection of vape kits, e-cigarettes accessories, e-cigarettes refills, and e-liquids. The SMOKO vapes starter kit comes in a stylish metal case containing 1 x flavour refill/pod of your choice (Original, Mint Breeze, or Virginia Rolling), 1 x rechargeable vape battery, 1 x USB charging cable, and an instructional manual. The e-cigarettes and e-liquids are available in various flavours, namely: original tobacco, Virginia rolling breeze flavour, mint breeze flavour, and Havana flavour. All of SMOKO’s products are allegedly produced in the United Kingdom. SMOKO claims that its products are designed with the leading e-cigarette technologies to deliver a realistic smoking sensation, consistent vapour, and amazing taste with every puff. The company offers free UK delivery on orders above £30.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for SMOKO
We would love to hear your honest reviews if you have used any of SMOKO’s products in the past? How would you rate your shopping experience? Are their products of high quality? How much does SMOKO charge for delivery, and what are their shipping times? Does SMOKO have a return policy, and what is the duration? What are the payment options offered by SMOKO? Your unbiased opinion would help prospects in their buying decisions whilst helping the brand to come up with ways to serve you even better in the future. We await your feedback.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

Leggi recensioni, esperienze dei consumatori, feedback e reclami indipendenti qui! Impara a conoscere il miglior negozio (online) sul quale ordinare! Adesso decidono tutti insieme quali sono i negozi affidabili e quali no!

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