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Turf means the topmost parts of the soil that is held together by the roots of the grass. Turf can be natural or artificial. Mostly used for its decorative purposes, turfs are also important in sports like football, lawn tennis and golf. Landscapers especially find the use of turfs important in their work, in trying to create a beautiful environment for their customers. The green colour of the turfgrass makes it a naturally beautiful touch to any outdoor space. While natural gas requires constant maintenance through mowing, watering and other such activities, artificial turfs are far more cost-effective, not needing constant attention and not prone to challenges caused by weather conditions. However, the advantage of natural grass is that it cleans the surrounding air by utilizing the carbon monoxide emitted and releasing oxygen. This is why the air feels cleaner and different in areas with grasses and plants when compared to city centres. What’s more? If you are also interested in gardening and planting, it is advisable to get familiar with the different types of soil, and how to ensure that your soil has the right nutrient for the kid of plants you want in your garden. Mother Nature is beautiful and nurturing and has blessed man with all things towards growth and continuous life processes. However, there are some areas and times when natural products need a little help here and there to get to their optimal usefulness. Rolawn is a company that claims to offer several products and services for beautifying your environment. Read unbiased independent customer reviews about Rolawn here before you decide to patronize the company.

About Rolawn
Rolawn is a company that provides turf growing and supply services in the United Kingdom. The company claims to be a leading supplier of topsoils and barks which has been operating in the turf market for almost five decades and became a player in the topsoil market in 2001. Rolawn claims to have delivered their 160 millionth rollof turf and sold their one-millionth tonne bag of topsoil as at August 2017. The company’s key customer groups are Landscapers, Garden centres, Housebuilders, Landscape Product Merchants, Landscape Architects and Designers, etc. Rolawn claims to be an environmentally conscious company, ensuring positive steps to deliver their services. Rolawn is headquartered in York, United Kingdom.

Products and Services of Rolawn
The products of Rolawn include Medallion Turf, Turfmaster System, Blended Loam Topsoil Bulk Bag, Turf and Lawn Seedling Topsoil Bulk Bag, Bed and Borders Topsoil Bulk Bag and Vegetable and Fruits Topsoil Bulk Bag. Clients and prospects can also find Play Grade Bark Bulk Bag and Landscaping Bark Bulk Bag, Mulch, Soil Improver and Lawn Care products like Lawn Establishment Fertiliser, Ornamental Lawn Seed, premium Lawn Seed and Lawn Topdressing Bulk Bag.

Compliments, complaints and tips for Rolawn
If you have used any of the products by Rolawn in the past, then you are in the best position to give the feedback necessary to spur better service delivery to you and others. Did you find their products satisfactory? Would you recommend Rolawn’s products to your friends and colleagues? The candid review of your experiences would also offer the insight needed by prospective customers in their decision-making process. We’d love to hear from you soon!

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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