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Park Leisure Holidays

What is your preferred method of spending the holidays? Do you like being copped up indoors with your eyes glued to your television? Or do you like spending it with friends, hopping from one party to another, and having as much fun as possible? Well, if you are an outdoors person, Park Leisure Holidays believes that they have got holiday parks, and other related holiday perks that they guarantee would delight individuals that would love to spend most of their holidays in the company of the midday sun. If you are interested in seeking the services of this company, you could take a look at the customer reviews below, and read through the honest experiences that have been left behind by individuals that have patronised the services of Park Leisure Holidays in the past.

About Park Leisure Holidays
Park Leisure Holidays is a UK-based company that was created with the notion of ‘delivering a wide range of holiday experiences to interested individuals. They also laud themselves on their ability to be able to alter their services to match the tastes of their customers, or the budget of the customer. The holiday facilities that they provide range from holiday homes, holiday lodges, and glamping, touring, or camping accommodations.

Park Leisure Holidays also allows their customers to book for summer holidays, autumn holidays, and even last-minute getaways in Yorkshire, Cornwall, North Wales, and other regions in the UK. They also offer a price promise that allows their customers to request a refund on any booking that they made for a holiday facility if the price for that facility were to drop, to become lower than what they paid for. However, this feature is honoured, only when the price drop occurs before the date, on which the customer would be starting their holiday.

Services of Park Leisure Holidays
Although, Park Leisure Holidays affirms that they have got a lot of facilities that can be enjoyed by their customers, the measure at which their customers enjoy, or are given access to these facilities depends on the type of holiday they booked for. Nevertheless, facilities such as linens, beddings, and Wi-Fi access are available to all customers, regardless of their holiday plans.

Customers are expected to arrive at their holiday lodge, caravan, or glamping from 2 pm; while those that are touring, or camping would have to be there from 12:00 noon. Since the park reception closes by 5 pm, anyone that wouldn’t be able to make it before that time, on their arrival date are expected to inform Park Leisure Holidays before time. If not, the administration would assume that the customer has decided to cancel their holidays.

A deposit charge is required for all those that intend to book for a holiday plan; however, anyone that makes a reservation within 4 weeks of their arrival date would be expected to pay in full. Besides select breeds of dogs, Park Leisure Holidays avows that their customers would have to discuss with them if they want to bring any other type of pet into the park. Since the holiday plans at Park Leisure Holidays are designed with couples and families in mind, stag parties are not allowed on the premises.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Park Leisure Holidays
We would like to get an unbiased review from you, regarding your holiday experience with Park Leisure Holidays. If you have any useful suggestions for Park Leisure Holidays, you can include them in your feedback.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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