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Wherever one goes, parking is always needed. But, will I need to parallel park, will I need to walk far, or will my vehicle be safe? When looking for parking in a new location, these questions cross one's mind. So why not be prepared and take that extra weight off your shoulders by booking a parking spot ahead of time for your arrival location? JustPark wants to solve these problems. However, it is wise to read a customer review to gain all the facts about the company before supporting JustPark and using its services.

About JustPark

JustPark was founded in 2006 by Anthony Eskinazi to make finding, booking and paying for parking easier for drivers. His idea started with Parkatmyhouse, where he would circle empty driveways for those looking for parking. In 2011 the company grew immensely with the help of BMW iVentures investment. The company was rebranded as JustPark in 2014, and it launched the first in-car parking app with Mini. In 2015 the company won the Richard Bransons #VOOM award; in 2017, the app won the British Parking Award. The following year, Anthony was elected to the British Parking Association’s Technology Innovation & Research Board. As a result, JustPark became the sole supplier of local parking in Northern Ireland. The company's main focus is to keep improving to provide consumers with a sustainable future and create stress-free journeys.

Products and Services of JustPark

JustPark offers a variety of services regarding parking. Including helping drivers locate, then book and pay for a parking space. The company also helps owners who have space, like a driveway, rent it out for others to use as parking and the owner, in turn, receives an income. JustPark also works with UK business owners by boosting revenue from unused parking spaces. Businesses can join JustPark and make their parking available to all their users, thus bringing in more income. Furthermore, JustPark has launched JustCharge, where one can book EV (Electric Vehicle) home chargers.

Additional Products and Services offered by JustPark

The company has teamed up with StudentBeans to offer students a 10% discount on using their services. The App is available from the Google Play and Apple App Store. Followers can follow JustPark on social media platforms to keep up to date. One can contact the company via telephone, live chat, or submit a message online via the website. Telephone: 0203 318 9792 Instagram: justparkhq Twitter: JustPark Facebook: JustPark

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for JustPark

Have you made use of JustPark services before? Were you satisfied with their service? Did you need to contact customer services? If so, did they help you in a timely, efficient way? Have you downloaded the App? If so, did you find it easy to navigate through the app in the variety of services they offer? Remember that leaving a customer review and voicing your opinion about your experience with the company is very important. It will guide the consumer in deciding whether or not to use the company for its service. But, your feedback will help the business celebrate its areas of success and improve its areas of weakness. Thus, allowing them to develop into the best company they can be in the future.

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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