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Our ecosystem needs to be kept healthy and green, hence the need for planting trees. Planting trees are a healthy way to keep the environment fresh and blossoming. The relevance of trees in our environment cannot be overemphasized, we need them for the clear air we breathe. Do you want to contribute to the health and beauty of the environment by planting trees? Then you would want to visit Treedom. You could check out Treedom reviews here, to see what people have to say about them.

About Treedom

Treedom is supposedly one of the platforms in the world that allows people to play their part by planting a tree from a distance and following the story of the project online. Since their establishment in 2010, in Florence, they avow that over one million trees have been planted in South America, Africa, and Italy. All trees are planted directly by indigenous farmers and they bring environmental, social, and financial benefits to their communities.

In 2014, The company was in partnership with the Certified B Corporations, a group of companies that are known for high environmental and social performance. Every tree planted by Treedom is photographedand geo-localized and has its webpage. It can be virtually gifted to others. Treedom’s trees are believed to engage people and also represents a great communication and marketing tool for companies.

At Treedom, they believe that humans and the environment, both local and global, are all elements of the same equation. For this reason, the organization is located in a historic villa in Florence, surrounded by a garden of fruit trees and olive, complete with a large vegetable garden and even beehives.

Channels to contact Treedom

For enquiries, interested customers can contact Treedom via email at: Customers can also socialize with the company on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Products and services of Treedom

Treedom affirms that clients get to choose the tree that they like the most. A local farmer will then plant it in his country, and take care of it. The client’s tree would be photographed, geolocalized and will have an online page. Clients get to follow its first moments of life and walk aside it until it's transplanted, find out more about its features and its meaning, customize it with a message and, if they desire, they could gift it to someone special.

As it grows, a client’s tree would absorb Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and will release oxygen, thus enhancing the quality of the air we all breathe. Clients could use the "Capture CO2" feature to find out how much CO2 their tree captures every day. The fruits of the Treedom trees, however, belongs to farmers, who will use them as food resource or support for their income.

Compliments, Complains and Tips for Treedom

Have you ever planted a tree with Treedom? If you have, kindly enlighten us on this company with an unbiased customer review. How was your overall experience at Treedom? What was your most interesting part about their service? Feel free to share your feedback, and tips about Treedom, as it could mean a lot to someone who intends in making a choice.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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