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Verbal feedback from friends and family is one thing, but publishing a customer review will guarantee you have the biggest audience. Because of this, you must submit feedback after utilising an online service or business. Other customers will also read the comments and reviews before deciding whether to use a specific retailer or purchase goods. Additionally, something as unpredictable as a driving experience may be unsettling. Therefore, it only makes sense first to examine the reviews section to see whether or not the business is reliable.

About Kiwitaxi

Kiwitaxi is an international driving service founded in 2012 based in Russia. Their primary goal is to provide quick and efficient taxi service to tourists and other foreign visitors. The business also offers fast, dependable driving services from hotels and airports in more than 102 nations. Making their customers feel protected is one of the company's primary goals, especially if they are in an unfamiliar place. In addition, Kiwitaxi is associated with several other businesses in numerous nations, ensuring that none of its customers is abandoned, particularly when unforeseen circumstances prohibit the company from completing its orders.

Products and Services offered by Kiwitaxi

For domestic travel, Kiwitaxi provides a variety of cars and may also set the mood for the group being transported. Additionally, you may split the cost of rides with others if you choose. Additionally, you may purchase any vehicle you need, ranging from a tiny one for two people to a 19-seater bus. Additionally, you will complete your payment and arrange everything online so that the driver can meet you at the pick-up site. Moreover, Kiwitaxi provides its customers with excursions and trips. Furthermore, as long as the drop-off is requested on the internet, you and the driver can change the driving path. Overall, the taxi service is connected to several restaurants and retail stores, and the drivers are knowledgeable about historical landmarks, so they will be excellent tour guides.

Additional Products and Services of Kiwitaxi

Many customers who book rides but don't pay make up a portion of the driving industry. The business advises consumers to reserve online, pay through the website, or have cash available for the driver to accept at pick-up and drop-off. Additionally, Kiwitaxi does not charge for order cancellations or adjustments and permits them. A 24/7 Russian driver assistance system is also available to make these adjustments quickly. Most company regulations can be changed at the moment by the customer and the driver. Customers can also call or email a customer adviser at KiwiTaxi at no cost as an alternative.


Call: +74994041222

Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for Kiwitaxi

What types of services did the business offer? Would you return to their store to do business and suggest them to relatives and friends? Is their customer service helpful, or does it make you hesitate to do business with them? Of course, you must respond to these important queries and offer commentary so that other customers may understand what they are committing to. Additionally, companies rely on every consumer to share their experience and feedback by writing a customer review so they may improve their services and guarantee their customers receive the greatest service compared to their rivals.

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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