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A holidayhome or vacationproperty is an edifice that is rented out for a relatively short period (usually for not more than 30 days) and used for purposes like holiday vacations, corporate travel, and temporary shelter, among others. They’re often cottages and small structures that users can rent and utilize like they own the property. A holiday home is referred to as a second home if the user is also the owner of the property. In such a scenario, the second home can provide additional income should the owner decide to let it out to the needy. However, not all holiday homes may be considered as investment properties, and not all investment properties are holiday homes. As noted above, the owner of a holiday home can generate extra income from it through tenancy. Thus it becomes an investment property when the owner not using it. But an individual who purchases an investment property does so for the sole purpose of generating income through the property. In a nutshell, while holiday properties are usually homes, investment properties don't need to be homes. They can either be residential or commercial properties, or mixed-use buildings, a combination of both residential and business spaces. Holiday homes are becoming more useful both for families and those intending to start a family. Presently, the global short term vacation property rental market is valued at $100 billion. The holiday home market can be extremely competitive and lucrative. In the UK, for example, this intense competition yielded substantial improvements in the quality available properties. These improvements have consequently boosted the popularity of holiday homes for weekend vacationers and, in many instances, they offer services at par with what obtains in hotels, in addition to better privacy and freedom. Another notable feature of the UK holiday home industry is Farm Stays, which are partly influenced by farmers and gains from farming as well as parents’ who want their children to have a taste of rural life. One company that claims to service UK clients and Europe as a whole is Belvilla Holiday homes. For honest customer reviews of Belvilla by existing customers, please do read on.

About Belvilla
Belvilla is a holiday home organization that dates back to 1980. The company claims that many years of knowledge and experience has made it the market leader in the Benelux region as well as one of the largest European firms in the holiday homes market and that more than 550,000 guests, mainly from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Great Britain are accommodated in one of its holiday homes annually. Belvilla was a member of the @Leisure Group between 2007 and 2019. In 2019 it became part of OYO Vacation Homes. It is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Services offered by Belvilla
Belvilla provides over 40,000-holiday homes in countries like Switzerland, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Bonnaire, Czech Republic, and Curacao.

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Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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