Integrated fridge freezer - Types and brands

Integrated fridge freezer - Types and brands

28-02-2022 in Online Shop

Nowadays, kitchen appliances also have amazing technological innovations to match up with the trendy lifestyle. From containing doors to having high-end aesthetic drawers that can have grab-and-go snacks and different chill outs, fridges stepped into the trendy world. Getting to know about different things before buying a fridge is a NEED.

Integrated fridge freezers are the space-saving properties for which size and height vary by model. The world has progressed so much that you can also have Amazon Echo for your fridge.

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Four factors to consider before buying an integrated fridge freezer

When buying an integrated fridge freezer, these factors are crucial;

Energy efficiency

Getting an energy-efficient fridge is worth it as there are environmental (lowered Greenhouse Gas emissions and water usage) and economical (stabilised power costs and fluctuations by lowering individual utility bills, creating jobs, and lowering individual utility bills) benefits.


In an integrated fridge freezer, there are splits of three types i.e. 50/50, 70/30, and 60/40.

50/50 integrated fridge freezer

50/50 integrated fridge freezers are well-suited for homes that freeze a lot of items as equal space is taken up by fridge and freezer. The drawback is that after a large shopping trip, consumers may run out of fridge space.

70/30 integrated fridge freezer

In this model, the fridge is bigger than a freezer and you can cool a lot of items including beverages, food, and different ingredients like tomatoes, ketchup, sauces, ladyfingers etc. Here, the less space is for freezing which means you can run out of freezer space if you have a lot of items to be frozen.

60/40 integrated fridge freezer

In this type of model, the fridge is bigger than a freezer also but the fridge occupies 60% space and that of 40% for the freezer.

Fridge freezer size

It is obvious that if your home will have space to build a fridge freezer cabinet for 70/30, then it will not be worth it to buy a 50/50 fridge freezer. This option is very important to consider here as you’ll have to bear a huge loss. It is recommended to double-check your refrigerator measurements.

How it looks in the kitchen

After working on all the factors mentioned above, you’ll have to know “how the integrated fridge freezer looks in the kitchen”. Do you want the integration near the kitchen entrance or just by the side of a sink? It depends upon your kitchen setup.

If you want integration for an under-counter fridge, then it is also a smart and convenient option.

Which brands are selling the best-integrated fridge freezer?

Numerous brands are selling the best-integrated fridge freezer but what we found are; Vidaxl, Zanussi integrated fridge freezer, AEG integrated fridge freezer, and Bosch integrated fridge freezer. Moreover, read the Knees home & Electrical reviews and decide which brand is the best option for you.

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