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A few decades ago, with the printing industry becoming more mainstream, there were talks about 3D printing. But, back then, there were just theories postulated on how 3D printing would function, but today, there are a few 3D printers out there in the market. Sure, they are rather pricey compared to your regular printers, but the allure of being able to print objects in 3-dimensions more than makes up for it.

And contrary to what many people might be thinking, 3D printers aren’t meant for only professionals or scientists alone; hobbyists, artists, and virtually anyone who wants to create a 3D image of an object are free to acquire them. To this effect, 3DJake declares that they have got an extensive collection of 3D printers to choose from. Do you want to learn more about the company? If yes, then we suggest you read the experiences and feedback dropped for them on the Uk.collected.reviews platform.

About 3DJake
3DJake is an online shop that is run by the Nice shop's Group. Based in Austria, The Nice shop's Group is a company that runs a variety of online shops, which specialize in offering select products to the European market. As such, 3DJake can be said to be an online shop that specialises in procuring, and retailing 3D printers, their nozzles, their resins, and other related accessories to their customers. While the Nice shop's group avows that they are all about satisfying the needs of their customers, they also claim to care for the environment as well. Hence, they affirm that they have adopted various measures towards employing sustainability, and environmental protection in their business.

Besides using a renewable natural resource (wood) in constructing most of their buildings, they also claim to utilize an insulated roof, and walls to save energy in their factories. Alongside these measures, they also employ energy-efficient appliances and biodegradable materials for making their product packages.

3DJake is also available for customers that want to make any enquiries towards any of their products. And such customers can reach them during business hours, via their email (global@3djake.com), or through their Austrian hotline, 0800556640515.

Products and Services of 3DJake
Although there are a lot of 3D printers out there, 3DJake mainly stocks on the Fused Deposition Modelling(FDM) printer, which is known for its cheap price, and the relative ease at which it can be used. They, stock on 3D printers from a variety of brands such as 3DJake, E3D, Noctua, and BIQU, along with suitable scanners, resins, filaments, and other accessories that can be used together with these printers.

3DJake website also contains a stock of replacement spare parts and upgrades that would be suitable for increasing the capability of these printers. For individuals that may be new to the concept of 3D printing, and those that are just acquiring their first 3D printer; 3DJake maintains that they have got a lot of introductory information, care tips, and even solutions to most of the problems that people encounter in using their printers. Even though 3DJake ships its products worldwide, free shipping is only offered to Austrian residents who have got orders worth more than €47.90. 3DJake offers a 30-day return period for customers that want to return any unwanted purchases.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for 3DJake
We would like to get an unbiased customer review of your experience in using the products of 3DJake. Your feedback can also include suggestions for a new printer brand that you believe 3DJake should have in their stock.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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