Top Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

Top Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

12-05-2021 in Diet & Health

There are many reasons why people want to lose weight. These may range from health issues like obesity to just keeping up to modern fashion conception of what an ideal body shape should look like. But before we go into that proper, let us take a look at weight loss itself.

What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss can be defined as a decrease in total body mass caused by an aggregate loss in body fluid, fat, bone mineral composition and other body components.
Weight loss could be intentional in the sense that the individual subjects himself or herself to some dietary, medical or physical regimen to provoke such a change.

It could be unexplained too. In this case, weight loss could suddenly occur without any aligned activity by the individual. In most cases where this happens, it is a sign of an underlying health issue that must be addressed quickly. You can check Uk.Collected.Reviews for reviews and vital information concerning this and those of diet & health companies.

Reasons for Losing Weight

Below are some reasons why people want to lose weight:

  • Fashion
    This perception of looking slim is a fashion craze that has been around from time immemorial, especially among the womenfolk. The vision of models having to look skinny as a passport to grace fashion runways and generally gain success in the industry has helped to drive this notion home.
    It is now a universal appeal, not just restricted to those with ambitions in the fashion industry.
  • Attraction
    It is generally believed that slim people are more attractive than their other counterparts.
    This alone is enough to fuel the desire of losing weight.
  • Increased Athletic Performance
    In some sports like cycling, sprinting, and jumping events such as pole vault, and high jump, it is believed that the lighter, the faster and better. Thus, athletes are found sticking to strict routines that can aid in achieving and maintaining low body mass.
  • Health Problems
    Some health issues do require weight loss. Chief among them is obesity. In most cases, the individual is placed under a certain long-term dietary plan and exercise regimen, including medications. If properly adhered to, good results would be derived.

Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

The reasons why you are not losing weight may not be too farfetched. It is more often than not as a result of your lifestyle. Below are some reasons why you are not losing weight even when you exercise and diet.

  • Eating Too Much
    Once you are used to a certain lifestyle habit when it comes to food consumption, it is quite hard to stop, especially when the need arises. Eating too much will dampen your efforts at exercising or trying to stick to a meaningful diet.
  • Eating Frequency
    If you are used to eating on several occasions than required or prescribed before a day runs out, and such indulgence manifests physically, then you sure have a major job on your hands.
  • Genetics
    It has been proven that obesity can likely be inherited if one has such a history of the problem in one’s family. Thus, although not impossible, losing weight can be a difficult thing to achieve in such situations.
  • Eating Fast Food
    Fast or processed food is known to be high in calories which increases body fat. Thus, an unhealthy indulgence in fast food might just be the fast lane to gaining so much weight that you would struggle to shed in the end.

How to Lose Weight Well

Knowing why you are not losing weight is one thing. Knowing how to go about it is another. Both are very important. Thus below are some tips on how to lose weight well.

  • Reviews
    If you are looking to go on a diet to help you lose weight, you should get the best and suitable plan available.
    This is one of the reasons why customer and expert reviews are very vital. They provide you with the information needed about certain goods and services and their companies. You can read these reviews of Chemist 4 U and, companies that offer dietary solutions expertly tailored to your needs.
  • Home Cooking
    Cooking at home has economic benefits. Aside from that, it helps you to control your nutritional intake. Thus, you know what your body requires to achieve your weight loss goal and the onus is on you to do the needful.
  • Regular Exercise
    Exercise ensures that you are physically active. It helps to burn excess fat and thus, reduces weight. Been faithful to a good exercise regimen will ensure you achieve your goal in the long run.
  • Check Your Weight at Intervals
    Knowing what the scale is saying as you keep up your weight loss activities will help in keeping you abreast with how far you are progressing. This will lead to a revision of strategy if need be.

There are many aspects as to why you are not losing weight. However, it is worthy of note that losing weight can’t just happen in a day or two. Most strategies require time before results manifest.

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