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Simply Business

In the business world, there are numerous risks. Although risk-taking is an important business attribute, we can’t avoid losses and at such times it’s important to have a backup plan. Having a trusted insurance company for your business or property could go a long way in paying off risks and losses when they do occur. Landlords and other small business owners don’t have it easy when it comes to paying for insurance policies which is why some insurance companies are more concerned with providing insurance plans to small businesses and landlords. One of such companies is Simply Business. But what are their previous clients saying about them? Do they have testimonies from both previous and existing clients giving credence to the services? We suggest you read honest customer reviews of Simply Business here before considering visiting their website.

About Simply Business
Simply Business is a UK-based insurance company that was founded in 2005. The company claims to be at the top of the chart in the insurance industry whilst specializing in landlord and business insurance. According to Simply Business, “we’ve offered our services to over 3 million clients ranging from small business owners to painters and builders”. They claim that the idea behind the company is to reduce the stress, time taken, and other unnecessary things involved in getting insurance, thereby making the process easier for small business owners and landlords. Simply Business also claims to have received several awards including being named the broker of the year at the Commercial Insurance Awards in 2019, which earned them Sundays times’ title of the best company to work for twice. The company also argued to have received the in-house content team of the year at the UK content awards 2020, Gold-mind workplace wellbeing award 2020, highly commended for outstanding customer journey at UK customer service excellence awards 2018, and many awards.

Products and services of Simply Business
Simply Business offers a broad range of insurance policies that cover landlords and all sorts of small businesses. Some of their insurance packages include public liability insurance, self employed insurance, builders insurance, buy to let insurance, residential landlord insurance, professional indemnity insurance, contractor insurance, beauty insurance, landlord contents insurance, commercial landlord insurance, employers liability insurance, limited company insurance, cleaners insurance, loss of rent insurance, tool insurance, online retailer insurance, barber insurance, landlord liability insurance, business contents insurance, consultant insurance, catering insurance, accidental damage insurance, business building insurance, freelancer insurance, insurance for gardeners, alternative accommodation insurance, shop insurance, sole trader insurance, hairdressing insurance, unoccupied property insurance, small business health insurance, tradesman insurance, photographers insurance, charity insurance, restaurant insurance, commercial van insurance, not for profit insurance, and tenant default insurance.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for Simply Business
Have you or someone you know purchased any insurance plan from Simply Business? What are your thoughts on the insurance policies they offer? Would you recommend them to your family member, friend, neighbour, or colleague? Do share your insurance journey experience with us in the comment section. Were you satisfied by the services offered by Simply Business or do you think they can do better? Kindly drop your tips and feedback for Simply Business in the comment section.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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