7 Places You Should Visit During Summer Holiday

7 Places You Should Visit During Summer Holiday

09-09-2020 in Holidays & Trips

Its that time of the year again. Its summer. The next obvious thing people start to think of is where to go for summer vacation. There are popular places people visit for their summer vacation. Still, these places are usually zoos, amusement parks, museums, art galleries, etc., and people tend to stick to them because they’d prefer not to overspend. But these aren’t the only places you could go to have the best summer ever and even save some cash. Below are seven places you can travel to for summer vacation.

The Pyrenees:

If you’re a fan of being around nature, then the Pyrenees is the perfect place for you to spend your vacation. It’s known to have high mountains, up to 3000m in height. The Pyrenees form the boundary between France and the Iberian peninsula. If you wanna go hiking, you should consider the Pyrenees mountains.


This is one of the most geographically diverse places in the world. It houses the headwaters of the amazon river, the Andes Mountains, and even the Galapagos Islands, one of the most famous islands out there.

The Serengeti:

This region is quite famous for wildlife. If you love to watch African wildlife, then maybe it’s time you experienced it. The Serengeti spans Northern Tanzania’s entirety at a vast 30,000 square kilometres of land, including the National Park and several game reserves. And getting yourself there isn’t as expensive as you might think. The Serengeti is home to Africa’s most famous animals like lions, elephants and even cheetahs.

Turquoise Coast:

The Turquoise coast, located in Turkey, is a vast stretch of beach along the Achaean Sea. The beach has several resorts and inlets for tourists. If you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach while other beaches may be crowded, you might want to consider going to the Turquoise Coast.

Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka is a big city and happens to have several comfortable beach destinations. One of its iconic features is the Sigiriya citadel Rock fortress. Its gardens are one of the oldest landscaped gardens we have today. They are divided into three different forms. Water gardens, cave and boulder gardens, and terraced gardens. The beaches are also open for surfing (if you’re a surfer).


Borneo is a South-east Asian Island between Malaysia and Indonesia. It is an island home to beaches and forest animals like sloths, orangutans, monkeys, etc. If you love rain forests, Borneo island is a perfect place for you as it also has several small tropical rain forests with wild animals in its domain.


Galicia is located in the North-west of Spain. If you’re the type who wants to spend his summer eating and trying out new food, you might want to visit Galicia. The region is known for its local cuisine, simple yet delicious food. Galicia has fresh sea-food that is locally harvested and prepared to suit your taste buds. There isn’t much to see in Galicia except for coastlines and beautiful landscapes, but there is more to taste.

If you want a nice summer vacation and looking into something outside your space without spending way too much, you should consider visiting some of these places. What they have to offer will give you a whole new perspective of how beautiful our planet is.

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