All You Need To Know About Online Shopping In UK

All You Need To Know About Online Shopping In UK

19-05-2021 in Online Shop

The advent of the internet has revolutionized the way we shop. Online shopping has enabled customers to buy the products they want from the comfort of their homes. There are platforms like the UK.Collected.Reviews that make it way more to find the best online shopping sites. After reading this article, you will understand all about online shopping in the UK, so keep reading!

Rise Of Online Shopping

From barter to gold coins to paper currency and now cryptocurrencies, all human efforts have been focused on making business and shopping easier. One of the thriving elements of the modern world is the presence of online stores. These stores enable UK residents and people living around the globe to find their desired products easily. But how did all this happen? Here is a brief overview:

1.Availability Of Internet

Almost everyone started using the internet in the early 2010s. The presence of several internet providers made it easier for people to access the internet. Telecom companies and fibre internet tried new ways to reach more customers. The flooding of people over the internet encouraged different companies to sell their products online.

2. Presence Of Smartphones

Online stores were available in the early 2000s, but it was not as convenient as it is now to shop through such websites. Nowadays, smartphones are the backbone of online shopping. These nifty devices have enabled every single person to buy their favorite products through just some clicks.

3. The Social Media

Social Media Marketing has made it way easier for companies to sell their products. There are new trends on social media every now, enabling companies to create new branding strategies for selling their products effectively. Social media has also fueled the review culture that pushes customers to leave reviews of online shopping companies so others can benefit.

Some Facts About Online Shopping In UK

The UK's E-Commerce market is compared to the US for many reasons. The ease of accessing the internet and availability of smart devices, smooth E-Payment gateways, customers' spending power, sophisticated market, and a poll of more than 65 Million internet users make it all ideal for online shopping. The US online stores dominated the E-commerce sectors, but local companies are very popular as well.

The Top Online Shopping Sites in the UK

UK online shopping is heavily influenced by a handful of stores that dominate the online shopping industry. These websites have earned positive reviews over the years and have earned a name in the industry. Here are the top 5 websites that UK residents use for shopping online:

Amazon UK

Amazon has impacted the UK online shopping landscape and has pretty much influenced all other stores. From a humble book shop to a conglomerate, Jeff Bezos's online shopping giant is the most trusted store for UK residents. This online shopping store prides itself on having more than 360 Million monthly visitors from the UK. People turn to this site to buy sportswear, homeware, electronics, merchandise, multimedia, office supplies, and so on.

eBay UK

eBay UK is another online shopping store founded in the US but has made its way to the UK. Around 250 monthly visitors from the UK alone show how influential it is in the UK online shopping industry. Customers from all over the UK visit this website to buy office supplies, merchandise, sportswear, and homeware. A wide range of multimedia and electronics is also available on this UK online shopping platform.


Argos had succeeded in making a name for itself in the e-commerce industry besides its brick-and-mortar chain of stores. Having more than 40 million active UK users, this platform is certainly famous among the online shopping sites in the UK.


Tesco is a renowned name in the traditional shopping industry. Along with being one of the biggest companies in the UK, Tesco has secured a strong posting in the online Shopping UK landscape. Over 25 million UK residents visit the Tesco Online store every month to buy a range of products.


UK people are fond of doing things themselves, and you can verify it by the popularity of Screwfix. This online store is known nationwide as one of the leading hardware products stores for decades. Its staggering 20 Million monthly visitor count shows how it has become the most reliable store for all things hardware.

The Rise Of Online Clothing Stores

The online shopping clothing stores are on the rise in the UK. UK people are conscious about wearing the best, and In-Fashion clothes, so online clothing stores are on the rise in the UK. The year 2020 saw a staggering growth in this sector as more than half of the UK's population turned to online shopping sites to buy clothes. Popular brands in this sector are Zara Man, Next plc, Marks and Spencer, etc. Traditional clothing stores are making their way to the Ecommerce world to reap huge benefits from this sector. You can read more about online clothing stores in the UK in this article.

Baby Gifts

According to the official Birth Statistics in the UK, around 1950 live babies were born per day in the UK. This number shows the huge potential in the Baby Gift industry. People want to wish the best to newborns coming into the world with something special. One of the leading brands that make it easier to buy Baby Gifts and products online are elc, preciouslittleone, mamasandpapas, and pramworld. You can find more info about baby gifts in the UK here.

Body Care

Proper Body Care is one of the most important things for UK residents. The weather conditions and the change in the environment create a need for products that make people look fresh and young. The constant demand for such products has also been visible in the UK market. People visit the online Shopping UK sites to buy face masks, scrubs, lotions, and antiperspirants. This industry reached around 2.16 billion British pounds by the end of 2019, showing the industry's growth and competition. Brands are struggling to place themselves in the online Shopping UK landscape to make more sales. You can find more details about body care products in this article.

Benefits Of Buying Online

There are tons of reasons why UK residents rely on online shopping stores. Here you can find some of the more important ones.

Everything Is Super-Fast

Some products are necessary for the customers and need to be delivered as soon as possible. Visiting a physical store that is NOT nearby can cost time and effort to buy the right products. But online shopping takes out this problem and provides a fast solution. You don't have to get in line to pay your dues and pick your products while shopping online. The delivery charges are minimal in most cases, and new order delivery methods are also being tried.

Competitive Prices

Gone are the days when you could only visit a single store and buy products from it. There is a range of prices to choose from online shopping stores, and you can easily pick the best prices from the store you want. Necessary items available in a pet shop are sold at a discount online. Other products are also sold at competitive prices, and the availability of coupons attracts more visitors to the online UK.

Swift And Secure Payments

One of the main factors that have catapulted the growth of online stores is secure payment gateways. You can send your money in seconds and buy the products you want. Services like PayPal even enable digital buyers to claim their money if the product they bought online is fake or not delivered properly. There are many discounts available throughout the year via payment gateways that more and more people shop online.

Presence Of Niche Shops

Various products are legal to use by the government, but people don't tend to buy them publicly. For example, people prefer to buy Sex products from an online Sex Shop rather than visiting a physical store. Such niche shops make it more convenient for people who don't want to reveal their identity and buy products securely. Some online stores even provide delivery on the customer's desired location, so no other person knows their buying choices.

Access To Countless Products

Before the advent of online shopping, it was almost impossible for a common person to buy specific products from another part of the world. But now it's all convenient and fun. People can buy a range of products easily from other parts of the world. UK residents don't have to buy airline tickets and travel to Japan for some new things. Online shopping stores have made the shopping experience from other countries flawless. Online companies are also making it easier for customers to buy products by promoting their products on social media. SEO is another important factor that influences buyer decisions.


Online shopping UK landscape is developing and growing more powerful. Every new year brings many customers to the online shopping world, and companies are making more profits. However, with such a huge influence of online stores on our lives, we as customers also have to secure our rights. Leave a review every time you shop online, so other customers can benefit from your experience. Never share your payment details with anyone and follow the safety guidelines. Happy Shopping!

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