What You Need To Know About Car Services In The UK

What You Need To Know About Car Services In The UK

18-05-2021 in Car Services

The UK car market has been flourishing since the first cars arrived in the UK in the 1890s. But as the number of car drivers increased, the need for repairing cars and car services kept rising. The DIY route of fixing your car is fun, but it's not the best option right?

You can always use platforms like UK.Collected.Reviews for reviews of car service companies so you can choose the best company for you. You can choose the best company for you. Keep reading to find out essential details about car services in the UK.

Essence Of Car Services?

Car Services take a look at your car and fix all that can bother you while driving on the road. The end goal is to ensure that your cars run fine on the road and you don't run into any problems. But to ensure that you are getting the best value for what you spend on car services, you should know about the car services rates.

Why Go For A Car Service?

Car services are costly (more details are down below), but it doesn't mean that you should never get your car service. Here are some of the benefits of car services:

1. Superior Reliability

Your car should be reliable every time you use it. Staying in the dark about your car's condition is never the right option. Such services ensure that your car doesn't stop working on the road all of a sudden, so you're more comfortable while driving.

2. Better Performance

Car service ensures that your car is giving the best performance. The service station checks the engine's performance, brakes, performs oil change, and ensures that all parts are in the right place.

3. Save Your Time

Car service saves you a lot of time as well. You will not have to take your car for repairs in a hurry if you check for the performance of your car regularly.

Types Of Car Services

There are different types of car services, and you have to choose properly according to your specific needs. The usual car service types are given here:

Full Car Service

A Full Car Service is a service that is required after your car has traveled around 12,000 miles. Because this service is done halfway before the Major Car Service, it is also known as Intermediary Car service. This car service is suggested to car owners who haven't completed the 12,000 miles’ mark but have been driving their cars for 12 months. Full Car Service checks for a spark plug, AC system, wheel balancing, brake security, etc.

Major Car Service

Major Car Service is an important service that is necessary every 24 months or drives your car around 24,000 miles. The other name for this car service is Master Service. A Major Car Service is more detailed and looks for any service aspect not checked in the Full Car Service. The services in this package include carbon fibre replacement and so on.

Interim Car Service

As the name suggests, this car service is more flexible than the two mentioned above. You might have to take your car for interim service if you drive on long routes more frequently. This car service ensures that you don't run into any problems when you are on the highway. Your mechanic will look at the car's major parts to check that everything is working fine.

How Much Does A Car Service Cost?

The costs of car services are quite high in the UK. Only the maintenance of cars is quite costly as you may have to spend well over £100. However, if your car needs some additional parts to be installed, you will have to pay extra charges. The rough idea of the car services depends on an initial price. How much is a car service depends on the condition of your car. The costs can get higher if your car needs a major car service. These costs are not higher if you think of the benefits you get. Car services save you from the cost you will have to pay if you get in an accident.

How Long Does A Car Service Take?

The usual time taken to service a car is around 3 hours. But How Long does a car service takes depends on what needs to be done to your car. If your car is just working fine, you may get your car back within an hour or two. But your car service provider may have to spend even more time if your car requires major maintenance.

What Does A Car Service Include

You should know what you get in a car service to not lose your money or time working with rookies. Car services include tens of tests that ensure the optimum performance of your car. Looking for what does a car service include? Here are some of the major checks and fixes that your car receives:

  • Replacement of the engine oil and filter.
  • Checking the alignment of Tires and steering.
  • Inquiry of the brakes, steering, and the car exhaust.
  • Measuring the levels of hydraulic fluids and coolant levels.

What About Cheap Car Service?

Can you go for a cheap car service and save your money? Well, the best way to save your money and get quality service is to compare different car service companies and choose the affordable one. But you can save even more money if you go down the DIY route and take care of the basic car service needs yourself.

DIY Car Service

Remember that you cannot take care of all your car's needs if you don't have the proper tools and knowledge. But taking care of simple car service tasks is easy and you can do it yourself. You can also save your time by doing car maintenance tasks as you know how long does a car service take. Most people are concerned. They wonder how much does a car service cost, and the DIY Car Service helps you save money as well.

You can take care of car maintenance tasks like changing a flat wheel or adjusting your headlights with DIY tools. Some of the common tools are wire cutters, screwdrivers, pliers, and lubricants. But you can use more advanced tools if you have prior knowledge.

Benefits Of Paying The Car Service Cost

Car services are costly, and it can be difficult for some people to spend such huge amounts. But remember that there are many perks of a dedicated car service that you should not overlook. Mechanics in the car services companies are skilled and trusted professionals. They thoroughly check for any faults and ensure that everything is working fine. You may even file a claim in case something goes wrong during a car service. Well, with a DIY car service, there are no such perks.

Selling Your Car

Nobody wants to drive the same car for a lifetime, right? If you plan on selling your car in the future, your car service costs can help you get the best rates for your vehicle. Potential buyers can see that you have taken proper care of your car by checking your car service slips.

Car Rental

Car Rental is a popular choice among people who are looking for both short-term and long-term rental cars. As different individuals use rental cars, you have to ensure that you take your rental car for service to save yourself from any additional charges from your rental agent. You can read this article to find out more about long term car rental and find the best deals.

Benefits Of Car Rental

Rental cars enable you to fulfill your urgent travel needs. You can use a Rental Car instead of yours while going on a long trip to avoid any wear and tear to your car. Rental cars also allow you to pick the car of your needs for specific occasions. A rental car can also help you have more fun while traveling with your friends.

Airport Parking

People who travel a lot may need to park their car in Airport Parking. In the allocated parking place of an airport, your car has to be in perfect working condition, so it's running fine when you hop back in it. Periodic service of your car ensures that it's fine even after not being used for a long time. Are you interested to learn more about parking your car in an airport? You can read this article on airport parking to get additional details.

Car Lease

Car Lease is a popular option in the UK. You can use a car on a lease plan that requires you to make additional payments monthly. Car Lease allows you to use one of the country's finest cars without paying the hefty prices. Car Lease rules are very strict; read more about car lease details before you choose a plan.


Reviews of car service companies can help you choose the best services. You don't have to pay hefty amounts if you compare different companies and pick the best ones. Remember the essentials of car maintenance, so you know that your car is serviced the right way. Always follow the official guidelines while driving and ensure your safety and of others on the road. Happy Driving!

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