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There are many advantages and disadvantages that come with using a courier service, although it mostly depends on the provider. Delivering packages, parcels or documents comes with its ups and downs, therefore one has to be careful of the provider he or she trusts his or her parcel with. A courier service provider usually delivers thousands of parcels from a different category of people across various regions. These parcels vary in content, size, and weight, and thus caution has to be applied when choosing a provider. A lot of people have experienced a delay in parcel delivery, others have experienced the loss of valuable items, while most people even have their items mixed up. This is often as a result of going for a courier service that offers cheap price rather than a quality service delivery. Nevertheless, despite the reliability of any courier service provider, clients also have a role to play in ensuring the safe delivery of their parcel. They have to make sure their parcel is well packaged in a way that won't make it susceptible to damage from compression by other heavy parcels. ParcelHero claims to be one sure plug for client's courier service delivery. However, it is important you read honest customer reviews of ParcelHero here before giving them a try.

About ParcelHero
Parcel Hero is a UK based online courier founded by Roger Sumner-Rivers in 2003, with its headquarters based in West London. ParcelHero is a group of company with over 100 employees, made up of different brands including Deliver Plus, ParcelVision and Alfasent. The company boasts of taking pride in having a highly-trained customer service team, based in the United Kingdom. ParcelHero claims to provide their team with open-plan workspaces, that can help foster team collaboration when finding solutions to issues that arise. the company have been featured in such platform as BBC Radio 4, The Economist, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and more.

Products and Services of ParcelHero
ParcelHero claims to provide its clients with a fast, reliable and cheap parcel delivery service to over 220 countries of the world. ParcelHero also claims to offer both the UK next day delivery and worldwide parcel services from some of the globally recognized couriers including DHL, UPS, Parcel Force Worldwide, Hermes, DPD, TNT, FedEx and more. The company maintains to be committed to providing professional and reliable courier delivery, by integrating real-time and door-to-door parcel tracking in their process. They prohibit the shipping of some products using their service including, aftershave, acids, alcohol, explosives, firearms, compressed gas, flammable products, weapons, live animals and more.

Compliments, complaints and tips for ParcelHero
Have you engaged the services of ParcelHero? If you gave a positive response, kindly share your experiences of the company with potential clients here. Did you get value for your investment in their courier service? Would you advise an intending client to go ahead with their decision of engaging their services? Was your parcel safe and in good condition with them? How prompt is their courier service delivery? How would you rate their staff attitude to work and customers? Do you think they offer services that are worth their billing? Would you recommend them to your friends and family? Do you have any ideas you would love them to work on? Kindly share your feedback of ParcelHero with prospects here.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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