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Designer clothing is usually categorized as a matter of class. They might look simple and uncomplicated in design, but the fabric and the finishing will definitely scream ‘class’ and ‘elegance’. Designer clothing for men is just as varied as designer clothing for women. Categorized under luxury items, these products are usually understated and sometimes only identifiable by those who know it. The penchant for designer clothing can be traced to the middle ages when there were seamstresses and clothiers that made clothes solely for the royals and later, the aristocrats. Later, rich members of the public made it a class statement to have these royal clothiers make their clothes as proof of how they had arrived. Today, the monarchy system has been abolished in most of the western world, but the divides persist in its own form. The importance of clothing has evolved to include a personal statement, style statement and class statement. Trends are dictated by celebrities and those in the public domain, while designers churn out clothes that are categorized as trendsetters and worn to premiers and runways. Indeed, street fashion and style continue in its cyclical journey, incorporating a cut that was used five decades ago and removing a sleeve style that was used last year. Just as we try to catch up with it, the wheels of fashion roll yet again and throw up yesterday’s trends as ‘old’ and ‘not-in’. But for most designer clothing pieces, their appeal lies in the consistency of the clothes – how they appear timeless and graceful irrespective of the year they were made. Eqvvs is a company that claims to offer luxury products and designer clothing for the discerning public. We can’t claim they’ve got you covered for sure, so we suggest that you read the independent customer reviews left here for Eqvvs by their existing customers before you decide to patronize the company.

About Eqvvs
Eqvvs asserts to have been established as an outlet for designer and luxury fashion items to the customers on the high street. The company was established in 1985 in Mansfield and presently claims to carry over 30 brands in their four stores situated around the United Kingdom. EQVVS established their online presence in 2014, and offer a return policy of 14 calendar days on their products.

Products and Services of Eqvvs
The products available at Eqvvs includes Clothing like T-Shirts, Tops, Polo T-Shirts, Loungewear, Shirts, Jeans, Shorts, Sweats and Hoodies, Jackets and Coats, Track Tops and Joggers. Accessories like Hats, Gloves, Caps, Wallets, Keyrings, Belts, Bags, Underwear, Socks and Scarves are also available at Eqvvs, as are shoes, Sneakers, Trainers, Sliders and Flip Flops. EQVVS carries brands like Ralph Lauren, BOSS, Lacoste, Barbour, CP Company, Belstaff, Ma. Strum, Norse Projects, Ted Baker, Love Moschino, Mallet, Pretty Green, Paul & Shark, Tommy Hilfiger and so on. Clients and prospects can subscribe to their newsletter to be kept abreast of their assortment of products and offers.

Compliments, complaints and tips for Eqvvs
Have you patronized Eqvvs in the past? Would you kindly share your experiences for the benefit of others looking to patronize the company? Did you find their products satisfactory? Would you recommend them to family, friends and colleagues? Please leave your compliments, complaints and tips on how Eqvvs can serve you and others better. Your experiences and feedback will be immensely treasured.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

Leggi recensioni, esperienze dei consumatori, feedback e reclami indipendenti qui! Impara a conoscere il miglior negozio (online) sul quale ordinare! Adesso decidono tutti insieme quali sono i negozi affidabili e quali no!

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