How much affordable and cheap is travel insurance?

How much affordable and cheap is travel insurance?

01-01-1970 in Insurance


You are careful to buy anything when you shop, so be careful when you buy any travel insurance. No matter how hard you researched finding a good travel insurance company with the maximum number of benefits? You should always compare the travel insurance companies' quotes and have a basic idea of how much is travel insurance?

You must have searched online to review travelers like Travel Insurance Saver who have bought a particular company's insurance plan. But it is not clear how much is travel insurance? According to the survey, single week travel can cost as low as $10 for Europe, and for a double trip in a year, the policy can take up to $35 per year. Other factors are involved in the travel insurance plan like the destination, age, and family.

Factors affecting the pricing of a travel insurance

The price of a travel policy depends on the factors included in the travel insurance pricing. Here we have discussed a few factors that conclude to the pricing of your travel insurance policy:

Single or multi-trip

It is clear that if you are buying the policy for a single trip, it will be cheaper. The journey to America for a week can be $10, but if you are willing to make the trip twice or thrice in a year and have bundled your travel insurances, you will be paying more than that.

Cost by age

Travel insurance companies do not cover travelers above the age of 65 or 70 because the elderly or seniors have more risk than younger travelers. If you are a senior or have an old companion, then the travel insurance cost will be high. You will have to pay for extra benefits that the travel insurance offers the elderly travelers.

Cost by destination

The destination has the most critical role in the pricing of travel insurance. If you are going from Uk to the USA, the cost will be higher, but if you are going from the UK to Europe, the price will be effectively decreased since North America's countries are the most expensive.

Budget or premium

Many travel insurance companies offer the necessary policies, and many provide comprehensive policies that are fully loaded with all your favorite plans. Since you are buying more benefits than buying the basic plan, you are sure to pay extra. If you can fit yourself in the basic package, it will be more economical for you.

Cost by family

It will affect your travel insurance premium's cost if you are traveling alone or with your family since you will be paying for each family member. If you were traveling alone, the policy's price would be much lower than that with the family.

Risky activities

Risky activities include bungee jumping, trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, etc. If you are going to a foreign land to do these activities, you might take a cover on them. As the name suggests, these are risky activities; it increases the chance of a medical emergency or even death, making the plan more expensive. By the way, some of the travel insurance companies define horse riding as a risky activity too. Please drop the dangerous activities cover since you already have the medical health insurance cover.

Pre-existing conditions

If you have the preexisting cover, it will make your travel premium weigh more than usual. A preexisting condition cover means you are sure to get a medical condition, making your premium more expensive.

Home policies

You can make your friends or family stay at your place while you are gone, rather than buying a cover for your home theft and personal items. It will lower the cost of the premium for sure.

Cancellation cover

The travel insurer will lure you into buying the cancellation cover to increase your premium. But think for a second, why would you cancel your trip, and if it is about to happen, you will try to avoid it. It is not a good idea to buy a cancellation cover. I mean, why did you buy the ticket if you were to cancel it at the eleventh hour?


Travel insurance is a good idea to buy and be safe, but be careful about the boxes you tick, or you are about to agree. These are the little covers that are not necessary but add up to a substantial amount. You should avoid adding useless bodies for your trip.

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