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Magenta Flowers

Lots of us have received flowers as gifts for our wedding celebrations, birthdays, and most of the events that we celebrate. Although fresh flowers are the best, we can all agree that they would die with time. Nevertheless, Magenta Flowers avows that they have got an innovative method for immortalizing these flowers so that the recipients can keep them as keepsakes for all time. So, if you are interested in using their products, you could check out the customer review that has been written by their real customers. This could help you determine if you should really patronize them or not.

About Magenta Flowers
The summer of 2019 saw the establishment of Magenta Flowers, under the ownership of the couple, Safiyya, and Adam. With a background in IT and advertising, along with a passion for flowers, Magenta Flowers was created as a result of their love for flowers.

Magenta Flowers specializes in turning wedding flowers, funeral flowers, and flowers from different occasions into floral keepsakes befitting that occasion. They avow that with their flower preservation arts, they have been able to meet the needs of the customers. Their desire to satisfy the needs of their customers has also led them to provide personalized, or tailor-made services when necessary.

Besides their website, Magenta Flowers is also active on other social media platforms. So, interested customers can follow their activities on Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Products and Services of Magenta Flowers
To ensure that their customers are satisfied with their orders before they deliver them, Magenta Flowers avows that they communicate with their customers to know what their requirements are, concerning the finished product. And they also send them pictures of the finished product, so that the customer knows what they should be expecting.

Magenta Flowers also claims to assure their customers that only quality resins are used in the creation of their craft, which they guarantee would ensure that these products would stand the test of time, without yellowing. Individuals that intend to patronize the services of this company are usually expected to send in their flowers to Magenta Flowers, following the instructions that they have given. After which, the flowers are dried, before being transformed into art. This is expected to take a period of 12-14 weeks to accomplish, however, the customer can also shorten the time required for their order by sending in dried flowers. The flowers that their customers send, can be transformed into letters, hearts, chess pieces, charms, and several other designs, based on the customer’s requirements.

Even though customers are expected to send in their own flowers for the floral keepsakes, Magenta Flowers avows that they have got a variety of ready-to-order pieces that their customers can choose from. Besides their floral jewellery and keepsakes, Magenta Flowers also retails anniversary gifts, and a variety of other jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Magenta Flowers deliver their products to all regions in the UK, and they also offer free shipping on all orders above £200. A 28-day return period is offered for any customer that wants to return a ready-made product.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Magenta Flowers
Were you satisfied with the floral jewellery that you received from Magenta Flowers? We would like to receive your candid review, regarding the shopping experience that you had with Magenta Flowers. If you have any useful tips for Magenta Flowers, you can also include them in your feedback.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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