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Heating oil is a low viscous, liquid product that originated from the distillation of petroleum as a subsidiary product of crude oil. It’s comparable to diesel in terms of properties. However, there is a difference in chemical composition. Heating oil is the next essential derivative of crude oil following petrol, which is also excessively used nationwide. Heating oil is mainly used throughout the world as fuel for furnaces and boilers. Although in historical eras, it was utilized for lamps, stoves for lighting and cookery bases. Presently, it has two varieties available, one for home usage and the alternative for industrial purposes. Heating oil is referred to as kerosene is some parts of the world, and its need is seasonal, which discerns an ascending trend during winters. Just like gasoline, heating oil prices are also exceedingly connected to crude oil rates because of the factors that influence crude oil prices to have considerable effects on the heating oil rates as well. With heating oil, there is always an increase in performance: heating oil is hotter than natural gas or electricity, and it is a lot more productive than any different kind of heating. Thus, oil-heated households heat up rapidly. Safety is also amongst the essential advantages of heating oil: it is stable and will only burn when it vaporizes. For instance, if a person ignites a flame and throws it into a container of fuel, it will quench by itself in a few seconds. For a person to light heating oil, he/she has to heat it to over 60 degrees Celsius, which is the temperature it begins to vaporize. Besides that, leaking oil won’t blow up. BoilerJuice maintains to be independent of any heating oil company and provides an impartial service, delivering numerous litres of heating oil to thousands of customers weekly. We cannot speak highly of the products they offer. Nonetheless, we advise that you read honest customer reviews of BoilerJuice left here for them by their real clients before considering investing in any of their products and services.

About BoilerJuice
BoilerJuice is a fully owned subsidiary of Welsummer Limited established in 2004. The company asserts to be entirely independent of any heating oil company created by a group of friends who claimed they wanted to make ordering heating oil easier, inexpensive, and more convenient.

Products and Services of BoilerJuice
BoilerJuice offers a wide range of products that include heating oil additives, oil tank security, oil maintenance tank, oil tank monitors, funded tank oil, kerosene fuel box, and many more. BoilerJuice also provides delivery services.

Compliments, complaints, and tips for BoilerJuice
If you have purchased any of BoilerJuice products in the past, let us know your opinions about them. Were you assured of the quality of the products you bought? Did you encounter any peculiarities while surfing their website? Do you have suggestions or tips on how the company can improve its products and general services delivery that you might want to leave here? If yes, we’d love to hear from you soon!

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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