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Muhdo Health

The solution to many health issues you can diagnose or prevent before it's too late may be found in your DNA. You may find out your biological age or the age at which your body is hereditary, for instance, by epigenetic testing. Several businesses provide DNA testing. But not all of them are thorough. To assist you in choosing the best epigenetics test, it might be useful to depend on user reviews. Additionally, reading several reviews may help a buyer understand what is needed and the service the epigenetics testing business offers. Customers will thus be able to make an educated choice about their purchase by considering various evaluations.

About Muhdo Health

James Brown created Muhdo Health in 2016, an epigenetics research organisation headquartered in Ipswich, Suffolk. Solutions for consumer epigenetic science are Muhdo Health's speciality. Its goal is to advise users on improving their health using bioinformatics derived from their DNA tests. Additionally, they encourage clients to lead healthy lifestyles as part of their emphasis on customised preventive healthcare.

Products and services offered by Muhdo Health

Customers of Muhdo Health may take a saliva-based DNA test that thoroughly analyses their genetic and internal health. Their method examines more than a thousand important genetic regions and delivers more than 300 DNA results, five fundamental areas of health, and an additional 12 important health insights. The three levels of feedback and insights offered by Muhdo are DNA Lite, DNA Health, and DNA Transform. These levels determine how many insights, influence, and help the consumer gets. For £59.99, customers may access over 45 DNA results, a DNA action plan, and a diet plan via DNA Lite. DNA Health offers the user more knowledge and suggestions, including an exercise calendar. Finally, the whole epigenetic package, which includes the general health package and the power to stop cellular ageing, is offered to the consumer by DNA Transform for £199.99. Under the Our Products area of the Muhdo Health website, a thorough description of each product is provided.

Additional Products and Services offered by Muhdo Health

Since saliva rather than blood is used for DNA testing, you may send Mudho a sample by mail after registering and selecting a tier. You may pay with most major debit cards online, and Muhdo will mail you a trial kit. After 3–4 weeks, the results will be accessible. Muhdo also provides a personalised app for you, tracks your lifestyle changes, and makes recommendations. Your sensitive information won't be stolen since all client data is anonymised, encrypted, and kept on their servers. You may contact Muhdo Health by using the following contact details:


Telephone: +44 (1473) 232 428

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Have you ever placed an order with Mudho? Did your shipment arrive on schedule, or were there any delivery problems? Maybe your sample kit hasn't arrived yet. Or do you believe Mudho has not yet received your sample or their excessive response time? Post a customer review on the website regarding Mudho Health's services based on your experience. For example, is the information you get on the app not personalised for you? Let them know with honest feedback in the review section.


N2-07 Columba House, Adastral Park

IP5 3RE Ipswich


☎ 01473 232 428

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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