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The nutraceutical industry, a term not known by many, is a combination of natural products and pharmaceuticals. Although it is considered a dietary supplement, it is derived directly from whole foods to boost one’s health. Because it is a term or industry not popularly known, it is prone to misconception and wrong information. Therefore, it is important to read a customer review platform to aid you and inform you on things you are unaware of, especially when wanting to purchase a product or service in said field. With customer reviews, you can gain valuable insight into the products you are looking to buy based on the experience of others.

About FutureYou Cambridge

FutureYou Cambridge was founded in 2010 by Adam Cleevely when he identified the gap in the pharmaceutical field. Having determined that the supplements on the market don’t actually do what they are supposed to do, FutureYou Cambridge was developed to bridge that gap in the market by developing a supplement that actually does what it is supposed to; this is done by creating a dietary supplement wholely derived from whole foods. FutureYou Cambridge was designed exclusively on the fact that Adam Cleevely believed that natural supplements are an integral part of boosting one’s wellbeing.

Products and Services offered by FutureYou Cambridge

With FutureYou Cambridge being a company specialising in nutraceutical supplements, it is no surprise that there will be a wide range of supplements for your every need on hand. At FutureYou Cambridge, you are able to purchase just about any supplement for your every need, such as beauty, men’s health, pet health, women’s health, bones and joints,anti-ageing, and even your eye health. Additionally, FutureYou Cambridge also offers ingredient-specific supplements, which include Garlic, Tumeric, and Omega3, amongst others. Furthermore, FutureYou Cambridge offers a Knowledge Centre on the website, which helps prospective customers learn more about the products they want to purchase and the benefits thereof.

Additional Services of FutureYou Cambridge

In addition to the individual supplements on offer, FutureYou Cambridge offers various supplemental packages and bundles, which include everything you might need with regards to the specific supplement range you are purchasing the bundle from. FutureYou Cambridge provides free shipping to UK customers, a flat rate of £5 to customers within Europe, and a flat rate of £8 to customers outside of Europe. Furthermore, you can join the subscription service offered by FutureYou Cambridge, which sees that your subscription is topped up monthly, ensuring that you never run out; this service can be cancelled or changed at any time. If for any reason you need to contact FutureYou Cambridge, the following details may be utilised.

Email: hello@futureyouhealth.com

Phone: 0800 808 5740 (UK customers)/ +44 (0) 1223 750 874 (International)

Complaints, Compliments, and Tips for FutureYou Cambridge

Have you placed an order but struggled with payment? Were you satisfied with the service provided? Say you placed an order but struggled with checkout. Could this be solved easily? Were you able to get through via call or email? Thus, reading customer reviews are important before making your final purchase as you can see what the experience of others was. Have you recently made a purchase from FutureYou Cambridge? Why not leave a review to possibly aid future customers in making their shopping experience easy and effortless? This not only helps prospective customers but also gives the business feedback on whether or not they need to improve their services.


59 - 61 Regent Street

CB2 1AB Cambridge

📧 hello@futureyouhealth.com

☎ 0800 808 5740

Reviews, complaints & experiences

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