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GEM Motoring Assist

The introduction of the automobile brought about a new era of movement and transportation for the world. It encouraged ease and prioritised the speed at which travellers or transporters move between different locations. Although the automobile industry brought about reduced transportation stress, it also began a new era of a different kind of problem. Not very often, these cars break down and cause their owners to find ways for restoring the damaged part. Today, some companies have a dedication to keeping your car moving by providing repair services to bad or faulty cars. GEM Motoring Assist is one of these companies as it helps cars owners get a repair for their vehicles. But do they have a good track record? Are their personnel attendants friendly and dedicated? Are their services reasonably priced as claimed on their website? We have not had direct experience with them, and as such our answers might be coloured with bias. We, however, suggest you read honest customer reviews of GEM Motoring Assist here to get suggestive answers to your questions.

About GEM Motoring Assist
GEM Motoring Assist is a UK based organisation offering motor services like repairs and expert advice on all cars. The company's origin story dates back to 1932 when the founder met up with friends at Worthing's Warner Hotel. In over 80 years, GEM Motoring Assist claims to have monitored cars and played its part in performing minor repairs. In 1983, the company reflected on its ambitions and initial driving goal and changed its name to the Guild of Experienced Motorists (also known as GEM). GEM Motoring Assist claims to provide friendly, responsive, and reliable car services to its clients and prospects. GEM Motoring Assist maintains to be a multi-award winning organisation with it appearing top 3 for breakdown recovery providers in the areas of Auto Express Driver Power Survey. GEM avers that they are more than the regular personal breakdown repair provider. The company's team claims that it has championed various road safety activities, award schemes, conferences, and many more.

Product and Services of GEM Motoring Assist
GEM Motoring Assist is a motor repair coverage provider offering services to a different range of car owners. The argues to provide several policies with one that is just right for its clients and prospects. GEM Motoring Assist covers clients car breakdown, motorcycle breakdown, caravan breakdown, motor home and small trailer breakdown, and van breakdown. At GEM Motoring Assist, one only gets full-comprehensive breakdown coverage offers. And this means that the company only covers the standard roadside assistance. Infrequently, it also offers some home assistance. Not every car fully sits eligible to partake in the services this company provides. Eligible vehicles include; Private Cars or Motorcycles, Vans (gross weight up to 2500kgs), and Motorhomes/Campervans (gross weight up to 3500kgs), which do not exceed 23 feet/7 metres in length or 7 feet 7 inches/2.3 metres in width.

Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for GEM Motoring Assist
Have you called on the assistance of GEM Motoring Assist? How fast was the customer service provided? Did GEM perform an excellent job with the repairs? Did they leave your car more or less faulty? How satisfied were you with their service? Will you recommend GEM Motoring Assist to your friends and colleagues? We would love to get your feedback as soon as possible.

Reviews, complaints and customer experiences

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